The USRC is commonly known as the STUDENTS' PARLIAMENT, according to SUASO constitution it composes of;

  1. The Speaker.
  2. The Deputy Speaker.
  3. The Clerk to the USRC.
  4. All Ministers and Deputy Ministers.
  5. Hostels/Units Chairpersons and Secretaries.
  6. Twenty Representatives from CR’S Board, Chairpersons and Secretary to the Board shall be among them.
  7. Ten representative of Chairpersons of registered organization affiliates elected among themselves.
  8. Two representatives appointed by the President from SUASO members with known biological disorder/disability.

The USRC has the following powers:-

  1. To elect, the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the USRC
  2. To approve the Clerk to the USRC elected by the President from amongst organization members
  3. To approve the appointment of the Prime Minister made by the President
  4. To review and approve or disapprove policies and actions of the Cabinet whenever it considers it necessary or desirable to do so
  5. To evaluate and take appropriate actions on the annual general handover report and the activities of the Cabinet submitted or ordered so to be submitted by the office bearers.
  6. To make provisions and/ or for all matters relating to funding of SUASO including but not limited to preparation of annual estimates or income and expenditure accounting and periodical financial statements.
  7. To approve budget estimates provided by SUASO government.
  8. To make provisions in any appropriate manner for regular auditing of books of accounts for all organs of SUASO to ensure a sound, proper and efficient administration of SUASO funds
  9. To discipline the President, Vice President and Prime Minister including suspension of his services, provided that a two-thirds vote of the members attending the meeting so resolves.
  10. To establish the Committee as may be found necessary for the execution of its functions.
  11. To make rules and regulation of the Organization
  12. To invite official from within or outside the University as the need arises and in accordance with the University Students By Laws, SUA Rules 2006 and the laws of the Country
  13. To perform any duty in the interest of SUASO members
  14. To establish the Electoral Committee to supervise the elections within SUASO.

The modes and nature of the USRC meetings according to SUASO constitution;

  1. The USRC convenes two ordinary meetings in a semester;
  2. The ordinary meeting has to be scheduled by the USRC itself ,where of the notice willl be issued by the speaker
  3. If and in case of special or Extra-Ordinary Meetings, the Speaker has to issue due notice of such meetings, one-day Public notice for the meeting will suffice, where by;
  4. The quorum at every sitting of the USRC should not be less than two thirds of the members.
  5. The approval system to be used by USRC is by simple majority

Members shall be forced to retire from position due to the following reasons;

  1. Failure to attending three USRC meetings consecutively without prior notice duly served on the speaker of USRC.
  2. Following Death, discontinuation, Resignation, expulsion from the University or de-registration.

For How long do USRC Members hold the offices?
All USRC members, including office bearers hold office for one year.

Where are their offices found?
The USRC have offices in both campuses and the head office is in the SUA main campus.