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SUASO Prime Minister - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

SUASO Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of SUASO shall be appointed by the president and the USRC shall approve the name of the appointed prime minister. The appointed Prime Minister will not assume office until he takes an Oath before the President.


The appointed and approved prime minister shall be responsible to the following:-
(a) The Prime Minister shall be the Chief Executive Officer of SUASO Government and the in charge for all SUASO government activities to the USRC.
(b) The Prime Minister shall in his/her absence, appoint from amongst other ministers, a person to act on his/her behalf.
(c) For auditing purposes, the Prime Minister shall be the final financial accounting officer of all SUASO funds, as provided for in this constitution and shall be held accountable for all financial matters to the USRC.
(d) The Prime Minister shall be responsible for the preparation of the SUASO almanac and shall convene the SUASO government meetings.
(e) The Prime Minister shall be responsible to prepare and submit before the USRC a brief report of the events that occurred during the representation of SUASO to any tour, symposium, seminar, workshop, conference or congress by any member or group members of SUASO.
(f) The Prime Minister shall be responsible for giving feedback to SUASO members from meetings where students have been represented. This shall be done promptly not more than one week
after the meeting in question.
(g) Prime Minister shall be among the signatories of SUASO fund.
(h) The Prime Minister shall perform any other duty as may be assigned to him/her by the president or as may be prescribed.
(i) The Prime Minister shall be the Secretary to the University BARAZA.