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The Judicial Organ - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

The Judicial Organ

There is established the SUASO Judicial Organ. The composition of the Judicial Organ is;
(a) Three members each from a different religious affiliate recognized by the organization
(b) One member appointed from CRs board representing the board
(c) One member appointed form each faculty/institute within the university

The Dean of students (or representative) and the Legal officer (or representative) shall be ex-officio members of the Organ for advising the Organ throughout its proceedings, but they shall have no vote in decisionmaking.

The Organ appointed by the President such that:
(a) He/she shall request and receive recommendations regarding two names (either gender) from each of the components mentioned in sub article (1) above, not later than three weeks since the day of the swearing in of the
new president.
(b) The appointment shall take effect not later than four weeks from the day of the swearing in of the new president.
(c) The appointment shall be such that no gender shall constitute less than three members.
(d) Notwithstanding the provision of this sub article, the President shall not have power to remove any member from the judicial organ, unless he/she has received a written request that is signed by not less than two thirds of the total number of the members of the Organ.

According to the SUASO constitution a member of the judicial organ shall be neither the member of USRC nor member of the cabinet. The tenure of office of the members of the judicial organ shall be one year, which
shall expire upon the appointment of the new members of the Organ.

The judicial organ shall have power to:
(a) Subject to consultation with the Legal Officer of the Sokoine University of Agriculture; the judicial organ is hereby vested with exclusive power pertaining to the binding interpretation of this constitution and its
interpretation shall be final and conclusive as between SUASO government and its members.
(b) Interpret Laws and rules of the Organization, which shall be final and conclusive within the Organization
(c) Act as disciplinary authority to the Organizations office bearers save only for the President, the Vice President and the Speaker of the USRC, on malpractices, corruption and any other misconduct and its decision shall be
final and conclusive within the Organization,
(d) Act as the arbiter in disputes among the students with a view to promoting harmony and tranquility
(e) Assume powers of the Cabinet where in any circumstances the Cabinet does not exist. The powers held here forth can be held and handed over to the new President for not more than 21 days
(f) Revise and receive, hear and determine any appeal brought to it by any aggrieved member on the decision made by electoral committee or any organ of the organization
(g) Invite the President, the Vice President, Speaker and any other office bearer as the circumstances may require to attend organ meetings and give clarifications, evidence or opinions on any matter that need theirattendance. However, no invitee shall have powers of making decision in the meeting.

Upon receiving the allegation and complains, misconduct and bad behavior of any member, The Organ shall have power to ;

  • Summon the member against whom the complains and allegations are made
  • Counsel, advice and warn the alleged member with regards to such misconduct or bad behavior;
  • The alleged member as in sub article (2) (b) above, having been warned more than twice of misconduct or bad behavior shall be regarded as hardcore and the Organ shall necessary any responsibility upon any further steps taken by the University administration on the same complains and allegations.