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General Election - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

General Election

The General Election is conducted once every year and by Election at any time when need arise in the Organization . The General Election and by election shall be supervised by the SUASO Electoral Committee.

There shall be electoral rules to be revised from time to time by USRC. Any election in which participation of students is less than one third shall be void.

The General Election shall be conducted based on the provision for the Electoral rules after the opening of the second semester of every academic year.

Any candidate contesting for any post shall not be a member of the final years of studies, save only for their Class Representatives. For the avoidance of doubt, the posts, which shall be contested for are,
(a) SUASO President / Vice President
(b) Speaker of the USRC
(c) Deputy Speaker
(d) Class representative post
(e) Hostel/Unit Chairperson
(f) Hostel/Unit Secretary
(g) Electoral committee member

The minimum academic performance qualification of a member to be eligible to hold the posts of the President or the Vice President, prime Minister, speaker, Deputy Speaker, chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the judicial organ shall be a GPA of not less than lower second class on the previous year of study.

A candidate contesting for the presidential post shall name his/her running mate such that if the contestant hails from the Main Campus, the run mate shallhail from the Solomon Mahlangu Campus and vice versa. Upon successful
election, the run mate shall be the Vice President.

All other matters concerning the procedures for the election of the president and other posts shall be as provided for in the electoral rules.

Subject to Article 54(9) of SUASO constitution, only students with no criminal Convictions or Disciplinary proceeding against them, and of no political part will be eligible to contest for leadership.

The established Electoral Committee of SUASO has the purpose of conducting election of SUASO. The Committee shall be composed of twelve members such that; six members shall be from amongst USRC members and the other six from non-USRC members and as may further be determined in the electoral rules. The Formulation of the Electoral Committee shall be effected at least twenty one days prior to the general election.