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SUASO Ministers and Deputy Ministers - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

SUASO Ministers and Deputy Ministers

The President in consultation with the Vice President and the Prime Minister shall appoint Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Principle Secretary. They shall determine the number of ministries as they may deem fit, subject to approval by the USRC.

The total number of Ministers and deputy Ministers shall not exceed 24, where those coming from amongst members of the USRC should not be less than a quarter and not more than one third of the total number.

Ministers and Deputy Ministers shall carry out such duties and instructions as may be prescribed from time to time by the President in relation to the discharge of the functions of SUASO if such duties and instructions shall be in
very special situations falling under the responsibilities of the Ministry in which the Minister or deputy minister belongs.

Without prejudice to the generality of this constitution, a Minister shall be the head and Chief Spokesperson of his/her Ministry, preside over ministerial meetings, carry out day-to-day functions and ensure good performance within the Ministry.

The Deputy Minister shall be the principle assistant to the Minister and shall perform all duties and functions of the Minister when the Minister is out of office.

The office of the Minister, Deputy Minister and Principle Secretary to the Ministry shall fall vacant upon the occurrence of any of the following events:-
(a) If the incumbent dies or resigns
(b) Where the President revokes, the appointment by removing the incumbent from the office
(c) Discontinuation from studies
(d) Postponement of studies
(e) Where both offices of President and Vice President are vacant for reasons other than being absent

The funds shall be allocated to each Ministry as per approved budget presented by Minister responsible for finance to USRC. Each of the ministries shall meet in an ordinary session once every month according to the SUASO almanac to be prepared by the Prime Minister and other proceedings of meetings of the ministries.