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SUASO Membership - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

SUASO Membership

Every student of Sokoine University of Agriculture is a member of the organization and upon his registration as a student and his/her membership shall cease upon the cessation of his/her studentship and shall pay the subscription and annual fee as may be prescribed from time to time by USRC/Student Baraza.

Rights of Every SUASO member

(1) Entitled to participate in all activities of SUASO
(2) Eligible to vote and hold office according to applicable regulations
(3) Entitled to obtain and inspect copies of the organization documents uponrequest to the Prime Minister
(4) Entitled to audience and freedom of expression before appropriate organs of SUASO without breaching peace and order

Responsibilities of  SUASO Members

(1) Use their education for the benefit of humanity
(2) Educate themselves to the best of their ability
(3) Be exemplary in discipline and industriousness in execution of their responsibilities.
(4) Participate, as far as possible, in all activities of the organization
(5) Pay fees, and subscriptions when due
(6) Carry out assignments as per organization activity
(7) Refrain from influencing the organization or its office bearers in any manner, which will appear to prejudice the status of the organization
(8) Conserve and cause others to conserve the environment