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SUASO President - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

SUASO President

The President of SUASO is elected by member of SUASO. He/She is the head of SUASO and the chairperson of University BARAZA and the cabinet. The elected President shall take oath before the Dean of Students and/or
University Legal officer, the occasion that must be witnessed by the University BARAZA. The president hold the office for a term of one year and hand over the office upon swearing in of the new president.

Power and Functions of the President
(1) To appoint the Prime minister.
(2) The President in consultation with the Vice President and Prime Minister shall have powers to make and terminate appointments of members of SUASO Government.
(3) The President, in consultation with the Vice President, and the Speaker of the USRC shall appoint the members of the SUASO Judicial Organ according to the provision of this Constitution governing the same.
(4) The President shall be the chief spokesperson of SUASO and shall preside over the cabinet meetings.
(5) The President shall have the responsibility of defending SUASO government resolutions and proposals when questioned so to do by any or all of the members attending any of the USRC or University Students BARAZA
meetings provided that nothing shall be construed and preventing any of his government office bearers from assisting the President in giving such a defense and that there shall be collective ministerial responsibility by such
office bearers for all resolutions and proposals made
(6) The President shall, in consultation with the Vice President have the power to establish committees for carrying out effectively SUASO proposed activities from time to time where need arises.
(7) The President shall attend Senate and Council meetings of the University subject to the Charter.
(8) The President shall be the principal signatory of SUASO funds.
(9) The President shall have such other functions (as conferred upon him by this constitution) in furtherance of SUASO objectives, which do not conflict with this constitution.

Loss/Vacant of Office of the President
(1) Notwithstanding Article 16, of the SUASO Constitution the office of the President shall be vacant upon the occurrence of any of the following event:-
(a) Resignation of the President
(b) Death of the President
(c) Impeachment of the President by the USRC in accordance with the provisions of this constitution
(d) Discontinuation from studies
(e) Postponement/completion of studies

(2) In such cases that sub article (1) above is withstand, the vice president shall have full power as the new president, and shall nominate a new Vice president within fourteen (14) days among the SUASO members.
(3) Subject to sub Article (2) above, the new vice president shall come from another Campus of the University and shall be approved by (2/3) of the USRC members attending such meeting”.

(1) In the event that the President is absent or incapacitated for whatever reasons not stated under article 41 sub article (1)(a) – (e) the duties and functions of the President shall be discharged by the Vice President or, if
his office is vacant then, The chairperson of the judicial organ.
(2) Where any of the person specified in above discharge the duties and functions of the President by reason that the person proceeding him is absent, then such a person shall cease to discharge those duties and functions immediately after that other person preceding him/her returns and assumes discharge of duties and function the office of president.
(3) If the office of the Vice President falls vacant for any reasons other than being absent, the President will propose for nomination of Vice President within fourteen (14) days and will be subject to be approval by the (2/3) of
the USRC members attending such meeting.

The USRC may pass a resolution to remove the President from office if a motion to impeach the President is moved and passed by at least two thirds of the USRC members the whole of SUASO government will ceases. No motion to impeach the President shall be moved, save only if it is alleged that the President:
(1) Has committed an act which generally violates any provisions of this Constitution.
(2) Has conducted himself in a manner which lowers the esteem of the office of the President
(3) Where the impeachment against the President is successful, he/she shall
cease to hold office immediately and the whole Cabinet shall have been automatically dissolved