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ABOUT SUASO - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)


SUASO is a Student’s Organization of Sokoine University of Agriculture, which endeavour to fulfill its objectives to the best interest of its members in accordance with the Sokoine University of Agriculture Charter, 2007.

SUASO works closely with the university administration through the Office Dean of Students is represented in various important university committees including SENATE and COUNCIL as provided for by The Sokoine University Charter and Rules, 2007.

SUASO is responsible for student’s academic, political, social and recreational life. SUA administration also uses this partnership to nurture and mentor SUASO leaders into lifelong leaders.

SUASO constitution recognises establishment of affiliate organizations within the university student body. These affiliate associations which have been and continue to be established are aimed at fostering cooperation and understanding amongst students and spearheading academic and social interest of groups at discipline or degree-level.

This system provides an objective institutional modality for SUASO’s representation in Faculty and Institute Boards and their committees such as Undergraduate Studies Committees as provided for in the Sokoine University of Agriculture Charter and Rules, 2007.