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Functions of SUASO - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

Functions of SUASO

SUASO in pursuit of its objectives in consultation with the Dean of Studentsshall carry out the following functions
(1) To initiate, sponsor or undertake academic, social and production activities for the benefit of the students of the Sokoine University of Agriculture.
(2) To organize student events and recreation.
(3) To seek funding and sponsorship to support students activities
(4) To communicate and promote relations with University management and other organizations, which share objectives that are similar to those of SUASO.
(5) To organize outreach programmers with surrounding communities or the general public;
(6) To lead students in the search for their rights in conformity with the objectives of SUASO and those of the University
(7) To provide public or community services.
(8) To represent student in appropriate university/institution decision making organs.
(9) To provide peer support services to students with special problem.
(10) To provide mentorship serviced to young future university students.
(11) To set up procedures for taking complaints from aggrieved student;
(12) To set up mechanisms for the enforcement of the code of conduct.
(13) To set up a code of conduct of students within the student community;
(14) To undertake any other activity or function in conformity with SUASO objectives.