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The Cabinet - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

The Cabinet

The SUASO cabinet is the executive arm ofthe organization and pursue all of the organization objectives. the Cabinet shall be principle organ for advising the President on all matters regarding the exercise of his/her powers in accordance with this Constitution.It comprises of;
(a) The President
(b) The Vice President
(c) The Prime Minister
(d) Ministers.
(e)Deputy Ministers and the Secretaries to the Ministries they can attend a meeting as invitees only where necessary but shall not participate in discussion unless needed to clarify issues related to their Ministries by their respective Ministers or the person presiding the meetingand have no vote in decision-making.

SUASO President is the chairperson of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister shall be the secretary of the Cabinet.The President shall preside over all meetings and in the event of his/her absence the meetings shall be presided over by the Vice President and where both are absent then the Prime minister shall preside.

Responsibilities of the SUASO Cabinet

  • The Cabinet is responsible to the USRC in implementing decisions made by the USRC and shall handle all day to day matters of the Organization.
  • The Cabinet shall make recommendations to the USRC in matters related to students’ affairs.
  • For avoidance of any doubt, all Cabinet members shall be accountable to the President.
  • The appointment of Ministers and Deputy Ministers and Secretaries to the Ministries shall Endeavour to achieve proportionate representation as regards to gender and campus (es).
  • The cabinet meeting shall be held at least once every month.

The office of the Cabinet member shall fall vacant upon the occurrence of any of the following event
(a) If the Cabinet member resign or dies
(b) Where the President terminate his/her appointment
(c) Where the President resigns or is impeached or where both the offices of the President and the Vice President are vacant for the reasons of other than being absent.
(d) Dissolution of the Cabinet
(e) If he/she discontinued from studies;
(f) Postponement/completion of studies.