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Speaker of the USRC - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

Speaker of the USRC

There shall be a Speaker who shall be elected by members of the USRC from amongst members of SUASO and shall be the head of the USRC. The elected Speaker shall take oath before the Chairperson of the SUASO Judicial Organ immediately after being elected and the occasion must be witnessed by the USRC members.

The speaker of the USRC is not a SUASO Cabinet member or a judicial organ member.

The speaker shall convene and preside over the USRC meetings in accordance with the USRC rules.
(a) The speaker shall hold an office for one year
(b) The speaker ceases to hold office if he/she is removed from office by a resolution of the USRC by votes of no confidence “not less than two thirds” of all USRC members. If he/she violates any provision of this constitution. If
he/she discontinued from studies, If he/she postponement/completion of studies.