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How SUASO Work - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

How SUASO Work

The SUASO representatives consult the university management through the President office and the Deans of Students as often as deemed necessary to discuss on various issues, of interest to the university community.

The decisions concerning the following matters are not being made by any organ except through a referendum, involving all registered members of the organization;
(a) Any decision likely to affect delivery of students Services;
(b) Any decision likely to interrupt academic programmers;
(c) Any proposed cause of action likely to cause breach of peach;
(2) The Dean of students, the President, the Speaker and the Chairperson of the judicial organ shall be responsible to ensure that every member conducts any referendum in a manner that guarantees the exercise of free will.

A Decision reached by the referendum shall prevail and be binding upon all members and the organization shall be obliged to complement it forthwith.

SUASO Property
The management of all property of the organization shall be the responsibility of the SUASO government on behalf of the members