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The Class Representatives Board - Sokoine University of Agriculture Students Organization (SUASO)

The Class Representatives Board

The Class Representatives (CR’s) Board consist of:-
(1) Class Representatives elected from each class
(2) The office of the Ministry responsible for academic affairs
(3) Chairperson and secretary to the board shall be elected from amongst the members of the board

Functions and Obligations of the CR’s Board

(1) To discuss various academic issues and give recommendations to the Ministry responsible for academic affairs
(2) To collect from students problems pertaining to the academic welfare of the students and make recommendations to the USRC for decisions.
(3) The Board shall have powers to give recommendations on examination regulation to the USRC for more discussion before forwarding for approval by Senate and/or Council through the Ministry responsible.
(4) Any other duty as may be conferred by the USRC

Meetings of the CR’s Board
(1) The CR’s Board shall hold not less than two meetings per semester. The meeting shall be conducted one week before the USRC meeting
(2) All meetings of the CR’s Board shall be convened by the Secretary to the board upon two days’ notice.
(3) Where it appears that the Secretary to the board fails to convene board meeting or in any other circumstance where it is important so to convene, one third of the members may ask the Secretary to the board to convene the
meeting failure of which they may proceed to convene such a meeting
(4) The quorum at every sitting of the board shall be not less than two third of the members
(5) The tenure of the board shall be a period of one year.