All continuing students should register into SUASIS before the expiry of 14 days from the beginning of semester as per admission and
examination regulation numbers 5.10.Steps are as follows:

STEP 1.1:
Pay Tuition and Other Fees Using University Fee Invoice Downloadable from your SUASIS Account
(a) Before making any payment, login into your SUASIS account
(b) Print university fees invoice so as to be able to pay at any CRDB bank.
(c) If you do not have login information (username and password) for SUASIS see admission officers for assistance.

STEP 1.2:
Present to the Student Accountant the Original Bank Pay Slip
(a) This must be done within 14 days from the commencement of a semester.
(b) Non-compliance will lead to registration withdrawal as per admission and examination regulation (2012) number 5.11.

STEP 1.3:
University Accommodation

STEP 1.4:
Obtain Accommodation Invoice From Your SUASIS account*
(a) log into your SUASIS account
(b) Click on “payments” then choose “accommodation invoice”.
(c) Print and present it at the bank ready for making your payment.

STEP 1.5:
Present Your Payment Slip to SUASAB (accommodation) officers After paying accommodation fee:
(a) Present the original bank pay slip to SUASAB accountant so that your payments be posted into SUASIS
(b) Boarding information, keys and mattress can be issued at this stage.

STEP 1.6:
Register for Courses (Core and Electives) Online Using SUASIS account to make a minimum of 12 Credit per Semester
(a) Be sure that you register for the elective courses that you shall be studying.
(b) Registration of courses should be done online using your SUASIS account.
(c) Use the prospectus which can be downloaded from to choose elective courses of your interest.
(d) Be sure that you have registered for enough courses (core $ and electives) that make a minimum of 12 credits per semester.

Note A:
Remember to register for core and elective courses online two weeks before the end of every semester to retain your provisional registration and allow proper timetabling. SUASIS registers all core courses automatically for you. You need to register for elective courses.