Ghaaamid Abdulbasat Hatibu, A 2nd Year student of B.Sc. Environmental Sciences and Management. Once again for the 2nd time has won the 1st prize in a worldwide photo competition under the United Nations Convention for Combating Desertification (UNCCD) after winning the 1st prize previous in last year’s Worldwide competition under the UNCCD!
And  here’s an inspirational Message from Ghaamid to the world in the issue of protecting our environment for the world’s sustainability
“I’ve seen that climate change has become a great threat to humanity, and in reality we need a better plan on how to adopt and mitigate it. So i decided to join environmental conservation movements in raising awareness to the communities on issues of Sustainable Land Use, Proper waste disposal, Pollution reduction & control, Land Degradation & Desertification and on the Impacts of Climate Change, its adoption and Mitigation. One of the movements is that I’ve started is a video series known as the GM Climate Series ;
Link ( which is one of my movements in raising awareness on Desertification as a causal agent of Climate change and on how it affects food security, water accessibility and Sustainable development. I hereby call upon humanity to conserve our environment and respect mother nature and to make it a better place to live and enjoy its beauty for the current and the future generations as well.”
Link of the UNCCD top 20 (Ghaamid is No.1)!;
And here is the picture of Ghaamid that won the 1st prize