On 4th of January 2019, from 7pm to 9pm, The Environmental Watch Association of Tanzania (EWAT) under the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education launched the 1st and one of a kind Awareness program known as the “friday night awareness”.
It was attended by more than 110 attendees!. The awareness night involved a video showcase on what our mother nature is facing and how to adopt or even mitigate the problems that nature is facing.
PLASTIC POLLUTION was the topic on that night as its one of the biggest tragedy that nature is facing today. And participants were inspired by the VIDEO SHOWCASE of how plastic pollution is affecting both the marine and the terrestrial ecosystems as they visualised it infront of their own naked eyes and noticed that there is a true need for change!
One of the facts that have been by the Moderator; Hatibu, Ghaamid. A , who is the current Chair of EWAT is that;
” By 2050, oceans will have more plastics by weight than the fish”!
This typically means that there is a need for change.
End of the showcase, the moderator also showed that there are opportunities arising from plastic wastes!, i e. people can make money out of plastics by giving out practical examples by showing videos on how it can be an opportunity like recycling , building of brick walls etc.
Also the moderator called upon the participants and humanity at large to have a sustainable lifestyle and to beat plastic pollution!
The Chairman: Ghaamid Hatibu (ESM Y3)  sends much thanks and appreciation to those who made this event a success including its leadership committee; Kelvin Mlawa (ESM Y3) , Paul Hilary (ESM Y2), Abihudi Abihudi (ESM Y3), Hyera Grace (ESM Y2), Gideon Sway (ESM Y2), Boniphace Magdaline ( ESM Y3), Mugenyi Elihaika (ESM Y3).
And much appreciations to all the participants from different courses at SUA including ECB, EGB, EAB, ESM, EGM, ECM, Horticulture, RAM, AEA etc. Verily their attendance is the one which brought us success!
And ofcourse our beatiful University at our college  which granted us the permission and blessings to do so, The Principal’s office and Department of Geography and Environmental studies at Solomon Mahlangu college of Science and education and the Ministry of Information, SUASO.
EWAT is also welcoming new members to join the team from any course at SUA: For membership kindly contact ; 0653949306 / 0682176555
Kindly follow the EWAT Social media pages by pressing the links below (Instagram and Twiiter)

Take a look at ewat_official (@EwatOfficial): https://twitter.com/EwatOfficial?s=09

ABDUL GHAFAR (BSc Tourism Management)

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