On 25th of January 2019, The Environmental Watch Association of Tanzania under the Department of Geography and Environmental studies at the Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education (SMCoSE) for the 2nd time had an awareness friday night on what the mother nature is facing and how to  adopt or mitigate the situation.
 For this second awareness night, people (more than 100 attendees)were made aware on the tragedy of CLIMATE CHANGE with our invited guest Prof. Tungaraza (DGES).Whereby the planet earth has been facing more storms  in more places and even greater droughts and sea level rise without knowing that these effects are mostly contributed by human activities especially in this era of industrialization which results to carbon emissions (Greenhouse gases) and increase in global temperatures.
The moderator, Mr. Hatibu, Ghaamid. A ( The chairman of EWAT ) moderated the event in a Video showcase form on what is climate change, its effects and ways of adopting and mitigating climate change. Several videos were presented and inspired the audience to make a change on how they can be responsible in their behaviours of consumption and even production and to be climate friendly in their activities. As around the world, people, ecosystems and species are suffering from the effects of climate change.
Prof. Tungaraza was given time to address to the mass, and he told us about the Mount Kilimanjaro story that the ice is melting and disappearing due to the effects of climate change. He also urged the audience to behave in an environmental friendly lifestyle.
The EWAT management send much thanks to all those who attended which comprised of different memebers from B.Sc. ESM, EAB, EGM, AEA, EGM, ECM, EGB, BRD and BTM And to all those who provided helping hands in making this event a success including the respective EWAT leaders.
Story by ; Ghaamid A. Hatibu (ESM)

Photos; Abdulghafar (BTM)


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